Bar Game Center

Bar Game Center is a revolutionary new digital gaming system thats designed exclusively for bar operators. Patrons can compete against each other in games like Sit & Go poker tournaments, trivia, and more, by simply downloading the Bar Game Center app and showing up at their favorite bar that has the system in place!

Theres no need to purchase expensive equipment that occupies precious floor space at your bar, as the Bar Game Center system allows players to participate right from their phones after downloading the app. The system allows your customers to come to the bar anytime and play as the please, or you can also organize weekly/monthly special events to increase revenue at the bar.

Advantages for the bar owner include:

* Bring customers to the bar with events like "Poker Nights" and "Weekly Trivia", and turn an otherwise slow night into a revenue producer.
* Make your bar stand out with unique events and a fun atmosphere.
* Offer customers fun, social activities while they visit your bar.
* Give your clientele a reason to come to the bar and keep coming back.
* Ability to send customers push notifications on the app, offering an unprecedented opportunity for operators to contact their customers away from the bar.
* Offer a variety of games on an easy-to-manage system that doesn't require extra workers, and with little interaction from bar staff.
* Manage leagues for other games with the Bar Game Center software (i.e. darts, shuffleboard and other games that aren't on the app).
* Collaborate with advertisers that can sponsor a league or tournament, target a specific city or an exact customer, and/or advertise on the back of the digital cards.
* Create a reliable, recurring long-term income source.

The poker game variants on the Bar Game Center app include a 10-player Sit & Go poker tournament that can be organized into daily, weekly and monthly leagues. Players are awarded points based on where they finish in the tournaments, and bar owners can offer prizes for league winners.

These leagues give patrons a reason to keep coming back and competing, and the league results are tracked right on the app and at the bar. Bar operators can send push notifications to customers about upcoming events and current league standings.

The Bar Game Center app itself gives players an easy-to-use, intuitive interface on which to register for tournaments, play the games right on their phone and keep track of tournament and league results. Customers can easily organize their list of establishments that have the Bar Game Center system with the "Bar List" feature, see upcoming events at their favorite bars, and check out the standings for any Bar Game Center League they're in.

Operators manage their games on a separate Bar Owner Management App, which allows the bar owner to operate all aspects of the Bar Game Center system on a simple interface.

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